Brand story

We are defined by the pristine landscapes that inspire our collection. The fjords and mountains, forests and coastline. They are woven into our traditional Norwegian sweaters. And they inspire the quality and detailing in each piece of fine merino wool clothing.

Traditional Norwegian sweaters - John

Timeless styles based on dedicated craftsmanship. And limited productions that mean you always have something unique to wear. We have thought of every element, from the natural, robust fabrics that last to the way we make every single item.

Fine merino wool clothing - John Brilliant

Because quality doesn’t just mean beautiful clothing you want to wear. It is respecting the natural environment we love so much and creating the perfect pieces to enjoy the great outdoors while protecting it from unsustainable practices. It is crafting high-quality pieces in Europe and following environmentally friendly, fair trade practices.

Norwegian wool sweaters - John Brilliant

Each time you buy our Norwegian wool sweaters, our jackets and accessories, you are investing in natural, breathable fabrics that will take you anywhere. It is our promise to you.

Nordic design, Scandinavian style, and clothes crafted to last.