Bart Siemerink

September 12, 2021

Fine merino wool clothing by John Brilliant

Born: Hengelo (NL)
Profession: Entrepreneur, Developer, Marketing consultant
Sport: Sailing, Kiting, Diving, Mountain biking, Fitness, Salsa
Favorite musics: Trance, Armin van Buuren , Pink, Tower of Power, Dance 80's
Favorite books: the Secret, Think & Grow Rich
Biggest admire: Michael Pilarczyk
Most proud of: My children & family
Purpose in life: Aim to enjoy the little things and health


Fine merino wool clothing - John Brilliant




Traditional Norwegian sweaters - John Brilliant




Norwegian wool sweaters - John Brilliant




Fine merino wool clothing - John Brilliant


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Traditional Norwegian sweaters by John Brilliant
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Fine merino wool clothing - John Brilliant
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Norwegian wool sweaters by John Brilliant
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